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​​Iris Data Science is a data science and machine learning business specialising in predictive analytics and providing the 'Big Data' advantage

More data is being created and in new ways. Real-time responses and predictions for the increasingly diverse data will undoubtedly provide advantages for early adopters.

Iris Data Science provides a suite of services and products to enable turning data into gold. We transform, combine and analyse data, extract insights and perform predictive analytics.

Imagine what can happen when decision sciences used to solve complex scientific problems, including advanced data mining, statistical and predictive analysis techniques, are applied to business problems?   For example, businesses may benefit by improving their understanding of their customers, by profiling them and monitoring change over time. This may help identify the most valuable market segments to target and influence, unearth trends from broader data to provide new leads and potentially create new products and services and make predictions to inform company strategy.

Iris Data Science is a business specialising in predictive analytics (prediction), using tools from statistical modelling, machine learning and data mining, to turn your data in to gold, discover previously hidden patterns to enable better decision making and provide richer analyses.

The Iris Data Science Super Rugby prediction model LAMP (Losing and Margin Predictor) is featung in the Otago Daily Times as a results predictor for the 2017 season, see the latest picks on our Xval ​site

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